2020 Book of Truth 10 Year Anniversary conference

On November 8 and 9, 2020, we celebrate the tenth year anniversary of the Jesus to Mankind Mission – the worldwide Mission whose objective is to spread the words of the Holy Trinity in the Book of Truth and to help prepare the world for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This day marks the 10th year since the first Message was given by Our Lady on November 8, 2010.

To celebrate this important milestone, everyone is invited to attend the “Book of Truth 10th Year Anniversary Special Online Conference”. This 2-day online conference will be held on November 8, 9-10pm Hong Kong Time, and November 9, 9-10pm Hong Kong Time.

Time is running out. There is no time to waste, as events foretold in the Book of Truth are unravelling right before the world’s disbelieving eyes. Come and join this 2-day special online conference, so that you can help prepare yourselves and your family for the events to come – and for the imminent, glorious Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Register Now!

Day 1 registration: http://bit.ly/BOTDay1Nov8

Day 2 registration: http://bit.ly/BOTDay2Nov9

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